IB awareness

IB awareness

Inclusive Businesses (IB) are commercially viable business lines of a private sector company that create systemic, innovative and scaled-up solutions to the relevant problems of the poor and low-income people (the BoP or B40). For more information on what IB is and how it distinguishes from mainstream business, social enterprises and corporate social responsibility, see here (LINK to www.misti.gov/kh/Inclusive-Business/awareness/IB-concept).

The Cambodia IB landscape study (LINK to www.misti.gov/kh/Inclusive-Business/awareness/ landscape) was prepared in 2019-2020 and published in early 2021, with support from ESCAP and iBAN.

The government and its partners held various IB events (LINK to www.misti.gov/kh/Inclusive-Business/awareness/list), and will further do so.

The IB concept, its promotion strategy and implementation, and IB investments and company cases are is widely discussed in Cambodia. A list of knowledge products is attached her www.misti.gov/kh/Inclusive-Business/awareness/dissemination).

The attached overview also provides links to press articles (LINK to www.misti.gov/kh/Inclusive-Business/awareness/IB-concept) and other information material.