IB Events

IB Events

Cambodia has organized several events, aiming at rasing public awareness on IB and sharing important information about IB in Cambodia. The events is listed as below:

- 1st Inclusive Business Accreditation in Cambodia (19 Aug 2021)

- The 1st Inclusive Business Champions Meeting in Cambodia (18 Mar 2021)

- 1st Cambodia Inclusive Business Forum (7 Aug 2019)

- Workshop on IB in Agrobusiness (6 Aug 2019)

- Seminar on Inclusive Business in North-West Cambodia (5 Aug 2019)

In addition, MISTI and its development partners held various workshops on IB promotion, IB accreditation, and other topics.

A list of IB events, IB knowledge work, and press releases with the respective links to the original documents is below. IB ASEAN summits with participation of Cambodia:

Description Date Venue
- 4th IB ASEAN summit 22 Sep 2021 Virtual, Brunei

- 3rd IB ASEAN summit

28 Sep 2020

virtual, Viet Nam

- 2nd IB ASEAN summit

Sep 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

-1st IB ASEAN summit

Sep 2018

Naypyidaw, Myanmar