IB Landscape Study for Cambodia

IB Landscape Study for Cambodia

In 2019/2020 ESCAP and iBAN financed a landscape study on IB in Cambodia. The study was published in early 2021, and

  • explains the concept and rationale for IB and how it applies to Cambodia,
  • features examples of real and potential IB companies in Cambodia,
  • makes an assessment of the enabling environment for IB and the various stakeholders involved, and
  • recommends programs and policies to promote IB.


The study found that by 2023 just 20 companies with IB business lines will:

  • create around 100,000 new well-paid income opportunities for the B40;
  • serve around 70,000 poor and low-income households through housing and municipal services (including water and electricity);
  • provide insurance to 600,000 poor and low-income persons;
  • provide healthcare services to 20,000 poor and low-income persons; and
  • provide 10,000 job placement and skills training services.


More potential IB companies to be found: These estimates are based on interviews and the analysis of business plans conducted during the IB landscape study. They represent only illustrative numbers, as many more companies with potential IB business lines may come forward, once the concept is more known, recognition for their social contribution is given to them, and incentives are provided to make the IB transition.


Other IB landscape studies: The Cambodia landscape study can be found here on IB in Cambodia, and a summary is here. Financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), ESCAP, iBAN and the UK Aid (DFID), similar landscape studies have also been prepared for 11 other Asian countries and are now in preparation for 3 African countries. There are also regional reports on ASEAN and APEC from ADB and ESCAP.