Welcome to the Inclusive Business (IB) website of Cambodia. This website is maintained by the IB unit in the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (MISTI).

A country website on IB with information from various sources: The website links to IB content of various agencies promoting inclusive business in Cambodia. It is so a comprehensive and multi-stakeholder website on IB in Cambodia, and the first one in Asia.  The information is updated regularly by the IB unit in the government of Cambodia.

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The Royal Government of Cambodia embarked on a strategy for creating a better enabling environment for Inclusive Business (IB) in Cambodia (IBeeC). The strategy was prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MoIH), and makes 8 recommendations for policy support for more and deeper Inclusive Business investments:

  1. Establishing IB focal points in various government ministries, a steering committee for IB, and an official endorsement of the IB strategy through the Supreme National Economic Council (SNEC) of Cambodia;
  2. Outreach and awareness raising activities, especially through business associations;
  3. Setting up a transparent and voluntary IB accreditation system in partnership with various government agencies and business associations, with IB awards;
  4. Creating a technical assistance facility for business coaching and policy work;
  5. Exploring tax incentives for IB through the new investment law;
  6. Setting up a risk reduction facility for IB investors, to speed up impact investing in companies with IB business lines;
  7. Considering priority procurement for accredited IB companies and social enterprises; and
  8. Establishing a monitoring system reporting on the dedicated private sector contribution to development for the B40, and the social dimensions of the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A summary of the IBeeC strategy can be viewed here (attach the IB summary)

What is new?

  • -In February 2021, MISTI is organizing the 1st IB Champions meeting for Cambodia, thereby launching the IB landscape study and the IB website. The event will be in person and virtual. 
  • -In 2020, MISTI approved the Inclusive Business strategy (IBeeC), and is currently preparing for MEF and Cabinet endorsement.

Inclusive business is a commercially viable business line that provides scaled-up innovative and systemic solutions to relevant problems of the poor and low-income people. Such companies increase income opportunities or improve living standards of the people at base of the socio-economic pyramid (BoP), or women and men at the bottom 40% income groups (B40). Inclusive business is thus good for the poor, good for business, and good for governments and society (triple-win). For more information, see the text under the IB awareness tag of this website.

If you have questions and comments, please contact the head of the IB unit under MISTI (Chorn Vanthou, Deputy Director for Strategy, email: chorn_vanthou@yahoo.com, Tel: +855-89-429068) and his team (Mr. Pheng Kimheng, email: phengkimheng11@gmail.com, and Mr. Roerurng Sarath, email: sarathroeurng@gmail.com), or the various IB champions shown in the “contact” page of this IB in Cambodia website.